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As a National Wholesale Distributor with over 40 years of direct hands-on field HVAC experience, we know the industry like no one else. We are Indoor Air Quality Experts. We have selected products that make sense, at the best price possible. Our large inventory of over 300 IAQ Products, ship via UPS daily, anywhere. If you're looking for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products like Ultraviolet Light Systems, HEPA Filtration, 1" Electronic Air Cleaners, Electrostatic Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Water Purification Units, Odor Control, Duct Cleaning Equipment, Condenser and Evaporator Cleaners, Mold Control or Customer Care Wear, Disposable Booties, shoe covers, uv lamps, uv bulbs, PCO, air cleaning, air purification then you found the right place. We are home to the SafeGuard UV Cleanser, AirWash PCO, SafeGuard Snap-on Snapon Snap On PCO, Sta-Med Sta Med EAC and Floor Protection and coverings. We carry a large selection of replacement lamps and UV bulbs for Air-Care, Air Care UV Max36, 4 Natures Home, Honeywell, Tri-Med, OxyQuantum LED UV Bulbs, UVAire UV Bulbs, Quantum 254 Basic LED HL replacement bulb, White Rodgers replacement UV Bulbs, Northern Lights replacement UV BUlbs, Eclipse UV Cleanser UV Bulbs, Second Wind UV Bulbs, Bio-Fighter UV Lamps, Blue Tube UV Lamps, Blue Stick Light UV Bulbs, Sun-Pure replacement UV Lamps, Sun Pure replacement UV Lamps, Lennox Healthy Climate replacement UV Lamps, Carrier, York, General Aire, Altru-UV, Ultravation, Ultravation UltraMAX, PureAirX Ultraviolet and PureAirX Air Cleaners, Guardian Air HVAC CELL and RGF replacement cells, ActiveTek 2000 replacement, Micropure ActiveTek 500 RCI replacement cells, DuctWoRx UV RCI replacement cell, just to name a few. Our contractor customers come from a wide range of of affiliations some of which include: NCI National Comfort Institute, Natures Home, NADCA, ISL, AirTime 500, Service Roundtable, Service Nation, Nexstar, DuctZ International, U-WIN, ServPro, BuyMax, PHCC ect..Give us a call toll free or E-mail us, we probably have what you're looking for or we can tell you where to find it.