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Wholehouse AirWash P.C.O.

AirWash PCO Fits Any Residential Heating and or Cooling System

AirWash PCO For Complete Home Purification - Up to 3,000 Sq.Ft. It only costs less than a dime a day to operate full time, 24 hours per day. A fraction of the cost of taking medication which only masks the problem.

Effectively removes: Odors, VOC's, Chemicals, Germs, Bacteria, Mold, Pet Dander, Allergens, Common Household Musty Smells   

The AirWash PCO High Performance filter removes up to 96.3%
of microscopic particles and airborne allergens as
small as .3 microns in size and is capable of filtering
out bacteria, fungal spores, dust mites, pollen, insect dust,
animal dander and tobacco smoke.

The microscopic particles are known to be one of the primary
causes of asthma, emphysema, hay fever, chronic bronchitis
and allergies. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable.
(The average human hair is 80 microns in size and a bacterium
is 1 micron in size.)

Exclusive Hydrophobic Natural Fibers


Constructed of NATURAL Fiberglass, which is Hydrophobic thus

will not absorb moisture.

Ecologically friendly fibers will not support the growth of bacteria,
mold, mildew or fungi in normal residential applications. 

Media Design Provides Higher Efficiency on Fine Particulate Matter
with Lower Air Resistance! Over 24 sq ft of Filter Area



PCO Cell

AirWash PCO's Exclusive Photovoltaic Oxidation Cell has a
LifeTime Warranty.
The design has more surface air exposure to completely insure total
 coverage of air flowing through the honeycomb.

The unique properties of titanium dioxide Ti02 combined with other
propitiatory natural elements make the Air Wash PCO the best air
purification system made today.  

3 Sizes To Choose From

   Overall dimensions:
    14x29.5x11 -   800-1200 CFM  .18wc
    16x29.5x11 - 1200-1600 CFM  .25wc
    20x29.5x11 - 1600-2,000 CFM .34wc

    Strong 18 Gage construction
    can be used as equipment base  

EPA Establishment Number 96244-CA-01



Components and Electrical

    115v-230v 60hz
    115v power cord Standard
    2- 24 inch Ultraviolet UVC Lamps
    1- 4"x 25" UV Rated MERV-11 Filter
    2- Reflectors
    1- PCO Cell