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Air Scrubber by SafeGuard

AIR SCRUBBER by SafeGuard  (see pricing)

Air Scrubber by SafeGuard

Offered Standard as a 16" Scrubber

Available 9" Scrubber 

Smart Design - LifeTime Warranty - Air Scrubber By SafeGuard - Proven

The Air Scrubber by SafeGuard utilizes tested and proven Photocydiltic Oxidation Technology (PCO) which is achieved when you combine ultraviolet light rays with a Ti02, coated substrate.  Ti02 refers to Titanium Oxide.  Tested by third parties both in the United States and abroad to substantially reduce orders, visible smoke in the air, effectively eliminate bacteria and treat contamination on surfaces.

Operates on 110-277 volts (auto-sensing controller) 

The Air Scrubber by SafeGuard can be inserted into the supply or return air plenum as a low maintenance way to incorporate air treatment into HVAC Systems.  When installed in the supply plenum uv light will help maintain a clean efficient energy saving cooling coil. 

Requires no cleaning.  PCO Scrubber Cell never needs replacing. 

Includes built in UV Bulb viewer indicator. 

Fits systems from 2.5 - 5 Tons, treats up to 2,000 square feet  

EPA Establishment Number 96244-CA-1