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Safe Guard UV Cleanser

Germicidal UV Air Purification Systems


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The SafeGuard Air Purifier Line-up


Single bulb - UV Air Purifier
SafeGuard UV Cleanser
Single Bulb
VOC and Odor eliminator
SafeGuard UV Cleanser
Snap-On Odor Kill Option
(single or twin)
Twin Lamp UV Air Purifier
SafeGuard UV Cleanser
Twin Bulb
Remote Lamp UV Air Cleanser
SafeGuard UV Cleanser
6' Remote Bulb Kit
(single or twin)

SafeGuard UV Cleanser


Ultraviolet Germicidal Sterilization is a process that uses UV-C light at sufficiently short wavelengths (254nm) to break down micro-organisms.

Using a UV Air Purifier in your home's HVAC system creates a deadly effect on micro-organisms such as pathogens, viruses, and molds that normally thrive in these enviroments.
Coupled with a Filtration System, Ultraviolet Air Purifiers can irradicate these micro-organisms and provide clean breathable air.
For maximum UV-C output, the SafeGuard UV Cleanser would be the correct choice. The SafeGuard UV Cleanser features an all Aluminum Chasis with Stainless Steel connections, UV-safe viewport, detachable power cord, easy bulb replacement, matched ballast and bulb, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The SafeGuard UV Cleanser also incorporates dual safety devices and has earned the UL Underwriters Laboratories Safety Listing. Every SafeGuard UV Cleanser operates on 115v-277volts of power.

12”, 16" or 24" bulb lengths, 16” Bulb Standard. 24-30 month bulb optional. Single or Twin Bulb configurations.



Dimensions: 7.5"L x 4.5"W x 3"H
Weight: Less than 2 lbs.
Power: 120/277 volt standard
Current: 0.47 amps @ 240v
UV Output: 550 to 1460 Microwatts* depending on model.
Ozone Generation: None. Ozone generating bulbs available.
Average Bulb Life: 9,000 Hours Continuous. 8,000 24-30 month bulbs available.
Accessories: Remote Lamp Cord Kit – Odor and VOC Vaporizer Ti02

SafeGuard UV Cleanser - UV Air Purifier System - Single Bulb Application

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SafeGuard Twin UV Cleanser - UV Air Purifier System - Twin Bulb Application

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