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Safe Guard UV Outdoor Unit

Waterproof OutDoor Germicidal UV Light


SafeGuard UV OutDoor Unit

Buy a Waterproof Outdoor Germicidal UV Light Today

Rooftop Units are what this product was develop for. Mount the SafeGuard Out Door Unit directly to the plenum or equipment where the UV Light will provide maximum benefit. Equipped with a multi-input voltage power supply rated for 120V to 277V and a 6’ weather tight power whip. Choose between three lamps lengths, 16” being standard. Works perfectly with the majority of roof-top or outdoor applications.

EPA Establishment Number 96244-CA-1


Dimensions: 6”L x 6"W x 4"H
Weight: 5 lbs.
Power: 120V to 277V electronic ballast.
Full Load Amps: 0.47 @ 240V
UV Output: 720 to 840 microwatts* depending on model.
Ozone Generation: None. Available upon request
Average Bulb Life: 9000 Hours Continuous. 18,000 24-30 month bulbs optional