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Disposable Coveralls

Longer Lasting - Excellent Barrier at a Low Cost

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WHITE Disposable Micro-porous Coveralls are a smart choice when light-duty polypropylene material isn't suitable and Tyvek® material is more protection than you need. This in-between, cost-saving option replaces Tyvek for most tasks requiring liquid and particle protection. 

Will keep you dry when crawling through mud and added protection from fiberglass in the attic. 

5 Pockets - Zipper Front - Boot Cut - Professional Look

$8.95 ea Case of 25 ($5.00) $125.00


These Disposable Coveralls are made from the same material as our shoe covers except thicker.  Can be used over and over depending on use.  Perfect for crawling in attics and under house's.  Large pockets will hold and keep tools secure.  Note: We offer two sizes Large and Medium.  Large is very large and very roomy.  Most find that the Medium fit's best if your in the 5' 9" and under Club. 

5 Pockets - Zipper Front - Boot Cut - Uniform Blue - Professional Look
 Medium $5.95 ea. Case of 25 ($3.98) $98.75
 Large $5.95 ea. Case of 25 ($3.98) $98.75