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UV Bulb or Lamp Warranty

SafeGuard UV bulbs and lamps were designed to provide about 9,000 hours of effective germicidal light, about one year.  Ultraviolet bulbs and lamps generally begin to diminish in their ability to preform after this a period of time.  Annual replacement in required.  SafeGuard does offer 30 month "Long Life" Bulb.  Most bulbs will stay lit for years, but are ineffective. 

The "Warranty" on every bulb is 10 months pro-rated.  Full warranty up to 90 of purchase. 

Causes of bulb failure can be power and voltage surges from power companies, lighting strikes, turning on and off frequently, improper maintenance or handling.  Unfortunately we have no control on how a lamp/bulb is treated once it leaves our premises.  We constantly test and run lamps year after year to insure that when they leave they should last as represented.               

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